Milica Ružičić

Milica Ružičić

Born on February 19th, 1979. in Belgrade.

2016. with the project “Interactive Installation in Public Space Dolap – Critical Potential of Arts” got Doctorate of Arts degree at The Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. 2008. finished postgraduate studies in the class of the professor Mrđan Bajić at the same Faculty – FFA, Belgrade 2005. graduated at sculpture department in the class of the professor Mrđan Bajić at FFA, Belgrade.

2017. woman of Sicevo
2016. On the other side of authority
2015. Borian pudding
2011. Karavukovo
2008.-2012. drawings
2006. hand for hand
2004. prejudgment day
2004. tongue
2003- 2006. ecstasy pills
2004. MultiPlayMe
2003. Audio in/out
2019. Imigrants
2016. Dolap – interactive instalation in public park
2012. Small pond full of crocodiles
2014. Jugoremedija
2005. kissing machinery
2007. Chestity belt
for men
2004. tyranny of theory
2004. animalies
2004. extasy
2004. Annual
old drawings
2020. troley 28
2015. Ečka
2012. fly stencil
2010. small paintings
2007. emotional prosthesis
2008. ohhhhne titel
2004. JK
2004. animalies small
2004. extasy of bureaucracy
2004. Interview

I am singing in the band Cruellas listen to it here…



+381 63 8636 834

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